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All About T&Z Interior And Exterior Painting Contractors Wheaton

T&Z are a locally owned company, specializing in interior and exterior house painting Wheaton services. Our name is well known within Wheaton and the surrounding areas, for our professional services, affordable prices and superb workmanship. We have been in business for more than a decade, transforming and refreshing residences and businesses with our expert residential and professional commercial painting services. Our professional painting contractors Wheaton based have extensive house painting experience, both in interior painting and exterior painting. We offer a multitude of professional services including commercial painting, interior and exterior house painting, kitchen cabinet painting, cabinet resurfacing and many others. Our mission is to improve and enhance the look of our customer's homes or businesses through hard work, superb skills and meticulous attention to detail, to bring about a superior finish. Whatever service you need, our professionals are ready with everything they need, to produce quality, outstanding results.

Why Hire Professional Painting Contractors Wheaton

Since they have been offering top-notch services for a long time, our house painters from T&Z Interior And Exterior Painting Contractors La Grange are among the best in the region. We provide a variety of painting services for homes, including exterior and interior painting La Grange as well as kitchen cabinet refinishing, cabinet resurfacing, and cabinet painting La Grange. You may rely on our responsibility, and we aim to provide the most affordable costs.
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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Learn The Process Of Renovating Kitchen Cabinets With Us!


Starting Price Points

For an accurate estimate of costs associated with painting your kitchen cabinets refinishing, you should take into account all the variables involved. The cost of lower-quality cabinetry to outfit a kitchen of 10 by 12 feet might easily reach $5,000. Nonetheless, you might be able to transform your cabinets with just a few coats of paint for less money. The cost should be under $200, and the time should be two weekends.

Cabinet Preparation

  • In the first few steps, you'll get the space and cabinets ready to be painted.
  • Ensure you have cleared the counters and put away any freestanding equipment.
  • Put the chairs and tables somewhere else.
  • In order to keep dust and other pollutants out of the house, rosin paper should be taped over the countertops and floors, while plastic sheeting should be used on the backsplash, windows, fixed appliances, and interior doors.
  • Cover the cabinet walls with a mask.
  • Apply cabinet spray painting on a workbench for cabinet fronts, drawer faces, and shelf faces.

Cabinets Painting

  • Apply the enamel paint to the trim and cabinets by loading the paint tray with a brush, then rolling the paint out to the edges and corners.
  • The flat surface should be enamel painted.
  • While cabinet refinishing the inside of the cabinet, a little roller with a smooth surface produces a rough, orange-peel pattern.
  • Keep the roller and brush from hardening by covering them with plastic bags while you wait for the first coat to dry.
  • Lightly sand in between coats, then wipe down.
  • We need to refinish the cabinet. The wood must be completely coated with no gaps or thin places.

Cabinet Installation

After Finishing The Painting:

  • After the second layer has dried, reinstall the door and cabinet panels. 
  • All door knobs and hinges should be installed once the doors have been hung in their proper openings and the tape covering the door numbers has been removed.
  • After relocating (or adding) cabinet pulls to a new location, reinstall the cabinets.

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Painting Services Wheaton for the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

Homeowners often find it challenging to take on painting projects themselves, due to the mess and extended periods of time needed to complete the job. T&Z Interior And Exterior Painting contractors Wheaton and its surroundings is an experienced team of specialized house painters, who are ready to give your house a much-needed makeover. 

We recommend performing the exterior painting of your home roughly every 5-7 years because our superior quality products and skilled spray painting contractors will ensure a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish. The outside of your house or business is the first thing people see, so make sure you make a great first impression - contact our house painting pros for a quote today.