How To Make Your Apartment More Attractive To Renters? Decorators Advise!

blue walls in new room

If you are an experienced realtor, you know how difficult it can be to rent apartments that haven’t been recently decorated. Or even worse, if the apartment has been poorly decorated. Decorating a property before it is rented, or even sold, can mean a quicker sale or rental and maybe even a higher sale or rental. Decorating can make a proper look cleaner, newer and with the right painting technique, bigger. There are many tricks that fresh paint can play on the eye.

Any professional apartment painter will tell you how different colors can make a room look bigger or smaller. Pale blue, off-white, light green, lavender, and light gray can all make a room look more spacious and more inviting. Most pastel colors in a light hue will help to brighten and make a room look bigger. The light walls are more reflective, and this makes the most of the natural light that is in the room.  Another painter’s trick is painting the wall skirting and moldings in a lighter color compared to the walls, this tricks the eye into thinking the walls are further back and therefore makes you think the room is bigger.

Professional apartment painters and decorators have many different techniques that they can use for different effects on a room, they can make the ceiling higher or lower, or make the room look more stretched horizontally. Professionally trained painters that are experienced will have many ideas that they can share with you and also many tips and techniques to help you get the most out of the property you are going to rent or sell.

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