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The painted area must not be less than 10 sq ft.
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* The price will vary depending on job complexity.
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Elements Influencing the Price

The types of paint are many. On your choice, depends the quality of the interior finish. The better the paint, the higher the price may be. And if you don’t want smooth walls, then you can use decorative or textured paints.
If you want to combine colors in an unusual way or paint specific patterns on the wall, our specialists can easily handle it!
The price will vary depending on the number of windows in the room. Each window should be protected before painting.
The price will vary depending on the number of doors in the room. This area should be subtracted from the painted area. Each door should also be protected before painting.
Depending on what type of surface you want us to paint – the price may vary. For example, painting bricks requires a different type of paint than painting smooth walls.
Depending on the type of room, painting may require much more work and materials. If the layout of the room is complex, such as rooms in the attic, the work will take more time.


Here You Can Find Some Price Examples Per Room
Walls: $580
With Ceiling: $680
Ceiling: $220
Walls: $840
With Ceiling: $940
Ceiling: $260
Walls: $950
With Ceiling: $1050
Ceiling: $350
Walls: $1050
With Ceiling: $1200
Ceiling: $400
Walls: $1160
With Ceiling: $1310
Ceiling: $460
Walls: $1260
With Ceiling: $1410
Ceiling: $580