The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house, so it’s no surprise that over time normal wear and tear can result in worn-out and faded kitchen cabinets. In addition, colors and styles change over the years, which can leave your kitchen looking outdated. Changing your kitchen, however, is not something that can be done frequently or cheaply. Kitchen refurbishments are one of the most expensive home improvement projects there are. If your kitchen is looking tired and old, but you don’t have the budget to replace it there are other options that will breathe new life into your kitchen, without breaking the bank. A popular option is kitchen cabinet painting. If your cabinets are in good condition internally, then a new lick of paint can work miracles! Not only will it make them look remarkably better, the paint can also protect the surfaces of your cabinets. It is an extremely affordable method of improving the aesthetic of your kitchen. Combine this with new hardware and you can completely transform the room.

Benefits of kitchen cabinet painting

  1. Increases the aesthetic value of your kitchen.
  2. Covers and gets rid of scratches, spots, and marks on the cabinet surfaces..
  3. gives long-term protection of the cabinets’ exteriors.
  4. Makes your cabinets look like new.
  5. Is much more affordable than replacing the cabinets
  6. Can be done in an infinite number of colors.
  7. Can customize your kitchen, You can make any designs
  8. Saves money
  9. Adds value to your property and gives a higher resale value: If your cabinets are prepped and painted properly, they will look just like new. If you decide to sell your home, they will contribute to a higher resale value.

What Is the Best Paint for cabinets?
The 2 main types of paint for cabinets are oil and latex..
Latex paints have been rising in popularity. They have a short drying time and can be cleaned with water. But they take longer than oil-based pants to cure and until they are, they are susceptible to damage.
Oil based topcoats farm a harder and more durable layer and give a smoother finish, but they are not as user-friendly and need special chemicals for cleaning.
Another decision to make is whether to use a brush or spray paint for your kitchen painted cabinets. Spraying on paint gives the smoothest finish, but to do it properly you need to have experience. The spraying equipment will need to be rented which will increase your costs. The kitchen will need to be covered to protect against accidental spraying, which is time consuming. Using quality brushes is a good alternative and avoids all of the disadvantages you get with the spraying method.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting – Can I do it?
So, you’ve made the decision to have painted cabinets, are you thinking of DIY kitchen cabinets painting, or are you going to hire a professional?
There is nothing stopping you from DIY painting the kitchen yourself, although if you are inexperienced you may find you can make the kitchen look even worse! It’s not as straightforward as buying pants and a paintbrush and getting stuck in, Painting cabinets is not like painting walls. It needs skill expertise and the correct equipment, the cabinets need to be properly prepped, before painting, and to get a smooth finish  skilled painting techniques need to be used,
Hiring a professional means that you can be sure that a skilled professional will deliver an excellent result.

Why Should You Use Professionals For Kitchen Cabinet Painting?
There are several benefits When it comes to hiring a skilled professional for kitchen cabinet  painting, including:

  1. They can give professional advice about the type of paint to use and colors.
  2. Professionals can take the cabinet doors away to be painted, so your home routine will be minimally disrupted.
  3. Professionals are trained and experienced and they have the correct skills and tools to do an excellent job.
  4. They know how to prep the cabinets, with a thorough cleaning, sanding and removing the existing coating.
  5. You won’t have to spend time trying to do the cabinets as well as your other responsibilities.